• What is it?

    • This is a card that allows travel for 30 calendar days from the first trip, with unlimited journeys within this period.
  • Who can have one?

    • This fare is intended for for Menorca's residents under 21 or those who, even if they are older, are enrolled in school and doing an official state-run course, (school, adult education, official language school, vocational training ...) providing the mandatory documentation that proves this: centre enrolment and certificate.
  • Where can I get it?

    • For the T-21, you should complete the application and submit it to any Citizen Attention office of the Consell Insular of Menorca or Youth Information Point of one of the island Councils, accompanied, if you are under 21, a photo ID and a photocopy of your DNI. If the applicant is over 21 years, in addition, they will have to provide the above documentation as proof of doing a state-run course.
    • The first card number is free

    • In case of theft , loss, damage by improper maintenance or breakdown of the card, the cardholder must pay € 5,74 for the issuance of a duplicate. It exempts from the emission rate doubled in the case of no errors attributable to the owner

  • Where can I put them on?

    • Payment of fare and its recharge can be made directly on the bus.
  • How much do it cost?

    • The price of the saver ticket depends on the number of hops on the route:
    • Princing table
        0 HOPE 1 HOPE 2 HOPES
      T-21 17,65 € 32,45 € 55,95 €
  • Where can I find out the number of hops on a route?

  • Can I make connections?

    • You can make connections within the same zone or a less zone.
  • Operational lines with these cards

    • This fare is currently valid for lines L01, L02, L03, L10, L11, L15, L21, L60, L61, L64, L65, L73 i L74
    • The lines L43 Favàritx, L62 La Vall (Algaiarens), L66 Son Saura, L68 Cala en Turqueta and L69 Macarella, do not allow the cancellation of season tickets.