Reduced bus fares

What is it?

  • A reduced bus fare allows for travel between departure and destination with a discount of the full fare.

Who can use it?

  • You may qualify for a 50% discount in bus fare if you are a holder of any of the cards listed below. Those who are members of large families under special category are eligible for reduced fares as well:
  • When a user requires the company of a third party for travel, he or she can apply for the T-ACOMPANYANT card linked to his or her own T-MES card, which allows this third party to ride free on the bus public transport service. More information
  • Seniors over the age of 65 can apply for a 25% discounted bus fare, as well as retired pensioners or those with accredited full permanent disability, total disability, severe disability or other situations considered similar that may use the ticket books made available by the Island Council of Minorca. More information
  • Members of accredited large families under the general category can also benefit from a 20% discount in bus fares. More information

Where can I get it?

  • Cards and ticket books can be applied for at the Citizen Attention Point of The Island Council of Minorca

How much is it?

  • Each departure - destination trip has its own reduced bus fare.

Expiry date

  • A reduced bus fare is only valid for the day for which it has been purchased.


Once on the bus, the reduced bus fare can only be purchased in cash. The driver may not accept banknotes greater than 10 Euros (BOIB [Balearic Islands Official Gazette] num. 92, 01/07/2006).

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