1. How do I get transport service timetables?

The public transport timetable information can be found:

2. Where do I catch the bus?

Buses can be caught at authorized stops, marked with the appropriate TIB pole or shelter. In the section of schedules and maps, you will find maps of each line with each stop marked.

The main bus station is located in Mahon.

3.- What documentation is required for the T-21?

For the T-21 you have to fill the application and submit it to any Citizen Attention office of the Consell Insular of Menorca or Youth Information Point at the island Councils, attaching, if you are under 21, a passport photo and photocopy of your ID. If the applicant is over 21 years, in addition, they will have to provide the above documentation proving that they are doing a state-run course. Also users can fill in an online application directly by clicking here.

4.- Do I need to bring a photo for the T-GRAN?

Yes, it is necessary to bring a current passport photo

5. Where can I buy tickets?

Bus tickets:

  • The bus driver will provide the tickett

6.- Which lines are integrated?

Currently the whole network of buses and special services like the Night Bus and the Jaleo Bus.